Schmitt (schmitt) wrote,

Once more with bells on!

There's something rotten in the state of - er, Pern?

Principal Ballard faces dire straits as the leader of Pern's College. The engineers have left en masse to form their own school in Karachi Hold, enrollment is down as students can't afford to attend, the Council won't support the College with tithe and now former Head Vet Saira has departed to start a Dragonhealing School with the support of Azov Weyr. All this amid rumors that Ballard's hand has been dipping into the College's empty purses a bit too often for his Department Heads' comfort.

Join us at Second Pass for our Anti-Search. We're looking for players interested in playing crafters, students, and College Teachers at this volatile juncture in Pern's history. Oust Ballard, or save him? Separate from the College and start your own crafthall, or stick together to face the Pass?

We're a mature game with amazing players and a relaxed attitude. We have regular events and plots, and a newly added feature allows the players to work together to determine the IC future of the game. We aren't fussed about how often you play, or whether you play the same character for a long time or a succession of short-term characters. The important thing is that you play! Join us at 1234 or check out our info at
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