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Date:2014-02-06 19:30
Subject:You and you and you...

Sure you can't make time in your life for a slice of happy? 2P has stuck around for several years and I'd love if we made it for a few more, but we need some warm bodies, and what better warm bodies than people I've loved RPing with before? Here's our latest ad:

Looking for something to love? Come and check out Second Pass, a sane Pern MUSH with a cheerful, mature atmosphere and low-key, long-running plots. In our timeline, the level of technology has not yet decayed irretrievably, yet parts are wearing out and cannot be replaced, and fighting Thread distracts attention and resources away from science and industry. One of the last computers on the planet failed recently, and the last field of vital opium poppies was destroyed by a stray Thread burrow.
The deadly flu epidemic that just swept across Pern has left plenty of openings in our PC area, Xanadu Town. Its aftermath is bringing all kinds of changes, including hints of the feudal Pern of later novels. Play a high class citizen with an eye on wealth and power, or a beleaguered holder. Own a business or join the police! Be a lady (or gentleman) of the night! We'll work with you to create a character you'll love to play.
There's also change in the air for Xanadu's three wings of dragonriders. While one wingleader has tapped a bluerider as wingsecond, another has demoted his experienced greenriding 'second in favour of a young bronzerider. Is the chromatic revolution at hand? Nothing says love like a dragon, and two queens are due to rise soon. Second Pass has an easy-peasy Search process, or you can adopt or create an instarider of your very own.
Check out our logs and info at http://www.2pmush.net or log in at riverdark.net port 1234. If chargen isn't your cup of tea, we have fully written roster characters available, including demoted ex-wingsecond Fiona and shady cheesemaker Jens.

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Date:2013-10-19 00:31
Subject:Old people's Pern MUSH

A deadly flu epidemic has swept through Xanadu Town and Azov Weyr, leaving the town underpopulated for the first time in years and the Weyr down an entire Flight. The wings have been rearranged to cover empty spots, businesses suddenly have job openings, and everyone is slowly adjusting to the new state of things. It's a wonderful time to join us! While we do have insta-weyrlings available to adopt, we'd also really love to build up our population of folks over impression age (26+). The Pern MU* genre has been around for a while and most of us players are on the high side of twenty RL - and you've got to admit there are some big advantages to maturity. (Attn: other wizards - please fill in some - not having much luck thinking of any. Remove this before posting!) Why not come create a character with a bit of wisdom and show these young pups what it's all about?

Join us at riverdark.net 1234 or log in over the web at http://www.2pmush.net/start-playing/ - Second Pass MUSH has a relaxed and friendly OOC atmosphere, great RP, and room for you!

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Date:2013-03-01 21:15
Subject:Pay attention, there's a gold egg! /sarcasm

With unemployment surging, refugees still out of work and the risk of famine very near on the horizon, there's never been a worse time to be a non-rider in Xanadu Town. At least dragons and their riders have an assured meal in their belly every day! But with the town cutting jobs, crime on the rise and Thread ruining the crops, there's not much sunshine in fog-draped Xanadu Town at the moment. Against all this unrest, bar-owner and brewer Sharri is trying to shore up the recently established Vintner's Guild, while at the College, Professor Mahesh is leading a 'secret' team experimenting on live Thread.

Despite it ICly being rough for them, Second Pass is fortunate to support an active group of non-rider players. And we're looking for a few more - especially those who have the right stuff to serve as PC antagonists. We have two characters already written and ready for adoption: the feature-ranked Lady Cordelia, a shipping magnate whose ships prowl the waters for less innocent duties on her orders, and Judy, the deeply troubled assistant Ground Grew Chief. These two would be perfect for the player with some experience in running plots, who wants a chance to show their stuff. We're also running a long-term subplot about the Sadrid mafia moving in on the town.

Not up for something so dark? Join us as a brewer and help build the craft system. Or come investigate Thread! We're also gearing up for a Search cycle starting in April or May that will see our first gold egg hatch in over a year. If you're interested in impressing at Second Pass, the next month and a half is a great time to make a character, jump into the storyline and get them established in time for Search.

Log in via our website, http://www.2pmush.net/start-playing/, or connect directly to riverdark.net 1234!

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Date:2012-10-03 06:36
Subject:Second Pass Coming Up

Thread is coming! To prepare, the wings have been flying in full Flight simulation drills; in the latest of these, a tragic accident saw blue Rauth betweening after a bad accident, leaving Julian, formerly J'li, a riderless casualty. Dive right in by reading the log: http://tinyurl.com/fulldrills . OOC, the scene was a test of the Second Pass Threadfall Injury Code: with multiple consent levels and the chance to spend XP to influence the overall Weyr performance as well as your own, there's never been a more exciting time to play the rider of a fighting dragon.

With the Second Pass now just months away, Azov Weyr's five queens seem to be on overtime as one by one, they rise and add new weyrlings. Cecily's Tachryleith was just the latest, caught by Th'deus's bronze Leviath. Yes, that's right - another PC clutch has been started up by the players of Second Pass and is expected to hatch around the second November weekend. Nothing better than our low drama, plot-intensive Search and Weyrlinghood cycle!

The First Threadfall of the Second Pass will be an all-Weyr battle over the skies of Landing, on the afternoon of December 1st. We look forward to fighting it with you!

Join us at riverdark.net 1234 or use our web client at http://www.2pmush.net/start-playing/

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Date:2012-04-28 11:46
Subject:Second Pass MUSH

Xanadu Town, while not exactly idyllic, has until now been a shining example of how riders and non-riders can live together peaceably. But the youngest goldrider's inability to control her dragon as she led her flight to blood from sick, College-owned lab wherries was the last straw for the town residents - and a convenient excuse for Weyrleader K'den, still seething over Xanadu Wing's lousy performance in drills and the Spring Games, as well as the scandalous arrest of a Xanadu bronzerider for jewel-theft. He split the wing, assigned them to new wingleaders and ordered all the Xanadu-based riders to move to the Weyr by the end of the month.

Dragonriders who'd split their time between careers and riding, dragonriders who'd been studying at the College, dragonriders married to townfolk - lots of unhappy riders have to pack up and move, life and livelihoods left behind.

Search is open for the clutch to hatch in early June, with bronzerider bids due by the 15th of May. This clutch is likely to graduate into Threadfall - we are particularly looking for future casualties. As we are running a temporary storyline set at the Weyr, we also welcome weyrfolk and instariders who want to make the transition to town life when we return.

With our shiny new website, it's easier than ever to catch up on the storylines and plots of Second Pass! Join us for our low fuss, no drama Search Cycle and Weyrlinghood done right. Check us out at http://www.2pmush.net, or log in at riverdark.net port:1234

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Date:2012-02-12 00:46
Subject:Once more with bells on!

There's something rotten in the state of - er, Pern?

Principal Ballard faces dire straits as the leader of Pern's College. The engineers have left en masse to form their own school in Karachi Hold, enrollment is down as students can't afford to attend, the Council won't support the College with tithe and now former Head Vet Saira has departed to start a Dragonhealing School with the support of Azov Weyr. All this amid rumors that Ballard's hand has been dipping into the College's empty purses a bit too often for his Department Heads' comfort.

Join us at Second Pass for our Anti-Search. We're looking for players interested in playing crafters, students, and College Teachers at this volatile juncture in Pern's history. Oust Ballard, or save him? Separate from the College and start your own crafthall, or stick together to face the Pass?

We're a mature game with amazing players and a relaxed attitude. We have regular events and plots, and a newly added feature allows the players to work together to determine the IC future of the game. We aren't fussed about how often you play, or whether you play the same character for a long time or a succession of short-term characters. The important thing is that you play! Join us at riverdark.net 1234 or check out our info at 2ndpass.livejournal.com.

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Date:2011-12-04 23:36
Subject:Second Pass MUSH!

With two years before the Second Pass is due, it's hard to miss the upheavals as Pern prepares to face Thread. In a startling amendment to the Charter, Weyrs and dragonriders are now banned from land ownership. Has the change freed them to focus on their duty, or robbed them of their rights and property? As resistance continues, only the dragons seem unperturbed.

At Second Pass, we aim to keep the drama strictly IC. Our three-wizard team works behind the scenes to bring you well-planned plot arcs with plenty of hooks for your characters. Just as important, we regularly schedule events and bring our best tricks to keep things interesting.

We're a mature game with amazing players and a relaxed attitude. We aren't fussed about whether you play often, whether you disappear for a while and then come back, or whether you play the same character for a long time or a succession of short-term characters. The important thing is that you play! Join us at riverdark.net 1234 or check out our info at 2ndpass.livejournal.com.

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Date:2011-09-06 23:31
Subject:That's not a dragon, it's a cow!

Hello, RPers, look at the last game you left, and now at us. Now back at them, and now back to me. Sadly, they aren't us, but if they stopped using ladies' scented body wash and switched to Second Pass, they could smell like they're us.

Look down, back up, where are you? You're on a game with no OOC drama and lots of political, world-changing plot.

What's in your hand, back at us. We have it. It's a no-sweat Search process you don't know you love yet. Look again, the search process is now diamonds. Anything is possible when your game is Second Pass.

You're on a dragon.

2P: Pern MU*ing without drama before Pern MU*ing without drama was cool. Come do it with us at riverdark.net 1234 / info at 2ndpass.livejournal.com

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Date:2011-06-21 23:04
Subject:Second Pass! Still going strong

Year 255 After Landing has barely begun and things are falling apart: minor crime like theft is on the rise. Plastic Threadfall material is all but unaffordable and the early slaughter of the evacuees' herds have priced fresh red meat out of the hands of most and raised fears about famine during the Pass. The refugees are still largely jobless and though new housing seems to have kept them pacified over the summer, the third and final wave is expected in months to add to their number.

And on the 21st of the Third Month, greenrider Asha of Maori Weyr was found murdered in the streets.

Character Concepts:

Kingston: second son of a minor holder, a schemer and a blowhard who holds a seat on the Lord Holder's Council for his brother. He seeks to oppose the evacuation plan which is steaming towards its conclusion. Kingston is a Feature character.

A plastician: A Journeyman or Master-level plastician with a problem. This one comes with a built in plot. Page a wizard.

We have a number of weyrlings from the hatching which can be picked up to join our weyrling class.

If none of those appeals, we always have room for riders, crafters, students and other townsfolk, and there's a roster of adoptable NPCs. Come and join us at riverdark.net 1234 or see our journal at http://community.livejournal.com/2ndpass/.

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Date:2011-03-20 13:03
Subject:Second Pass: Ad time again!

In Xanadu Town, new buildings are rising, as the town prepares to receive another influx of people displaced from their homes in preparation for the Pass. With Thread less than four years away, dragon clutches are becoming larger and more frequent, and scientists seek ways to replace failing technology with Pern's natural riches. Dissent is rising, too, about the right of dragonriders to hold land, and the role of Pern's central College as the sole source of advanced education.

The wizards of Second Pass MUSH put their heads together and decided to advertise some character types we'd like to see on the grid.

Merchant/Smuggler: Think Humphrey Bogart, or Han Solo. Or River Song. The character runs an above-the-board shop in the bazaar by day, but is known as the person who can get you anything on Pern - for a price. Heart-of-Gold? Or running to their own moral code. You decide.

Computer Technician: A computer technician who is trying to prepare for a change of career before the inevitable end.

Printing Press Operator: taking on the project of a recently deceased Lord, how can this person make the technology useful for Pern?

D'ter: a troubled young protester now trying to shape himself up into the perfect blueriding weyrling. A favorite NPC of the game.

We are looking to run a hatching in late spring. Candidate ideas: students taking part in a biological survey of Pern. A potter's apprentice. Newly-arrived refugees.

If none of those appeals, we always have room for riders, crafters, students and other townsfolk, and there's a roster of adoptable NPCs. Come and join us at riverdark.net 1234 or see our journal at http://community.livejournal.com/2ndpass/.

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Date:2011-03-15 23:47


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Date:2010-12-25 21:42

Christmas Eve:

Raclette with:
cooked broccoli
cooked potatoes
sauteed onions w/ bacon
strips of turkey breast
yogurt & feta cheese sauce
greek meatballs
and garlic bread

Roast chicken with herbs & butter under the skin (a two-pounder; so wee)
Mashed potatoes with sauteed onions w/ bacon
Green beans wrapped in bacon
Roasted potatoes, carrots, onions, & mushrooms
Bread & butter

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Date:2010-12-25 21:35

My year in summary...





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Date:2010-11-05 23:09
Subject:mush mush!

A small town, by Earth standards, and yet Xanadu Town, swelled to 6500 inhabitants because of emergency resettling before the Pass arrives, is the urban center of our alternate timeline Second Pass Pern. Personal dramas play out against the backdrop of societal change, with petty crime on the rise, but many would argue that the Council's effective disenfranchisement of hundreds of people is the larger crime. That the Pass is coming can hardly be denied, with clutches rising and volcanoes rocking - but will Pern be united and ready to meet it?

Second Pass MUSH focuses on excellent RP and deep intercharacter relationships taking place on a game with an experienced, drama-free staff and a friendly atmosphere. We welcome a range of players, from light once-a-month sceners to heavy everyday plotters, and have room IC for various character concepts including craftspeople, students, teachers, and dragonriders. We'd love to see you there too! Several feature positions are open and if you'd like a break from chargen, we have some roster PCs available for you.

Take a look at current RP logs at http://community.livejournal.com/2ndpass/ or log in to riverdark.net 1234!

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Date:2010-09-18 20:21
Subject:Recent shopping

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Date:2010-08-06 23:05
Subject:That Time of the Month

It's year 253 After Landing. With the Second Pass less than five years away, Pern is reeling from the news that much of the Threadproofing work that has already been done is useless. To make matters worse, Azov's Weyrleader has revealed that the Weyrs cannot protect the amount of land that is currently occupied. Many of those outside the major Stakeholds now face evacuation, while Xanadu Town, the centre of Pern's administration, must absorb over a thousand displaced people. This news challenges trust in the Weyrs, brings into sharp focus the different views about the role of Pern's failing technology, and strikes at the very basis of Pernese society: the right of every citizen to claim and Hold land. As plans to deal with the crisis are set in motion, the protests are just beginning...

Second Pass MUSH is set at the end of the First Interval, and follows an alternate timeline in which the people of Pern stayed in the Southern Continent. Join us in Xanadu Town as its townsfolk, professionals, crafters, students and dragonriders work through changes that will affect everyone. We are a plot-focused game that aims to allow in-depth exploration of characters and of the game's themes. We welcome a wide range of characters, and there's a roster of NPC concepts if you're looking for inspiration.

Find us at riverdark.net 1234 or see our journal at http://community.livejournal.com/2ndpass/.

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Date:2010-07-17 12:27
Subject:Second Pass MUSH roster chars

Sick of writing your own characters? Wish somebody would just do it for you? Yeah yeah, you're all a bunch of lazy slackers ;)

Which is why we have a few good roster characters written up for the old Pern hand who is too blasé to chargen anymore. A couple of you already sounded interested, so I figured I'd plug them a bit. It would especially be awesome to get the first three on grid and get their little family drama in play.

Harold: Overcame a tragic past and his own laziness to land the plum job of caretaker of his residence square's communal kitchen. Dapper, debonaire, not extremely bright. His girlfriend's a PC.

Jens: A cheesemaker. Plays the shy boy from the country in order to get girls. Runs a betting shop on the side together with his best bud Harold.

J'mey: A teenaged bluerider whose ADHD has led to his Weyrleaders throwing him out of the weyr in exasperation after causing his third kitchen fire during chores. Now working as a barber's apprentice. Harold's brother.

Cherrie: A journeyman baker under the thumb of a dominating father, holding out so that she doesn't lose her inheritance. Shows a cheerful face in spite of this.

Delloway: A feature position. Head of the College's Art Department, he is slowly nearing retirement age. He's eccentric, a painter, and featured in a vignette here: http://riverdark.net/~cinna/mushlogs/Dellowayvig52155.htm

Manda: An engineering student, bright but a little flighty, determined to solve the electricity problem. Her brother is a PC. Featured in a vignette here: http://riverdark.net/~cinna/mushlogs/studentvig42105.htm

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Date:2010-07-10 12:07
Subject:Second Pass MUSH
Mood: productive

So, people who are amazed that I still exist because I never post to LJ -- here's what I've been up to the last few months:

It's Year 253 After Landing. In the years since Mount Garben forced the evacuation of Landing, the Pern colony has prospered. There are settlements across much of the Southern Continent, and life in the major holds is easy - for now. With Thread due to return in five years' time, there are fears that the dragons will be unable to protect so much land, and a massive effort is underway to Threadproof hundreds of dwellings that were built without thought for the future. The first settlers' technology, though carefully preserved, is failing, but secrets still lie in the computer files....

Second Pass MUSH is a new Pern game that explores an alternate history in which the colonists found a new home in the South when the volcano erupted. Our setting is Xanadu Town, administrative capital of Pern and home to the central College - a place where dragonriders live alongside townsfolk, students come from across the continent, and the struggles that come with change are played out.

Second Pass has opportunities for characters of all sorts - dragonriders, students, professionals and crafters, and many other townsfolk. We aim to be a plot-focused game that will allow in-depth exploration of characters and of the game's themes - a world in transition, facing a threat to survival along with the loss of technology and social change.

We're open for chargen and RP now, and our first major plot arc is about to get underway. Come and find us by telnetting to riverdark.net 1234 or see our journal at http://community.livejournal.com/2ndpass/

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Date:2009-12-14 20:53

"Currently when traveling to or from most cities outside the United States you can check two bags, per passenger at no extra charge. For customers traveling between the U.S. or Canada and Europe customers in economy class will be charged 50 USD/CAD/EUR* each way for the second checked bag.

There is a second bag fee applied to travel between U.S./Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands to/from Bermuda and Latin America, which includes Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America (except Brazil)"

So... Africa, Australia, and Asia? Have they got something against continents that don't start with A?

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Date:2009-08-13 21:29
Subject:More apartment pics

Today a friend came over and drilled the holes for the guest bathroom mirror / light and the bits in the kitchen as seen below.

Bonus photo: Angry hippo LuigiCollapse )

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