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You and you and you...

Sure you can't make time in your life for a slice of happy? 2P has stuck around for several years and I'd love if we made it for a few more, but we need some warm bodies, and what better warm bodies than people I've loved RPing with before? Here's our latest ad:

Looking for something to love? Come and check out Second Pass, a sane Pern MUSH with a cheerful, mature atmosphere and low-key, long-running plots. In our timeline, the level of technology has not yet decayed irretrievably, yet parts are wearing out and cannot be replaced, and fighting Thread distracts attention and resources away from science and industry. One of the last computers on the planet failed recently, and the last field of vital opium poppies was destroyed by a stray Thread burrow.
The deadly flu epidemic that just swept across Pern has left plenty of openings in our PC area, Xanadu Town. Its aftermath is bringing all kinds of changes, including hints of the feudal Pern of later novels. Play a high class citizen with an eye on wealth and power, or a beleaguered holder. Own a business or join the police! Be a lady (or gentleman) of the night! We'll work with you to create a character you'll love to play.
There's also change in the air for Xanadu's three wings of dragonriders. While one wingleader has tapped a bluerider as wingsecond, another has demoted his experienced greenriding 'second in favour of a young bronzerider. Is the chromatic revolution at hand? Nothing says love like a dragon, and two queens are due to rise soon. Second Pass has an easy-peasy Search process, or you can adopt or create an instarider of your very own.
Check out our logs and info at or log in at port 1234. If chargen isn't your cup of tea, we have fully written roster characters available, including demoted ex-wingsecond Fiona and shady cheesemaker Jens.
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