Schmitt (schmitt) wrote,

Old people's Pern MUSH

A deadly flu epidemic has swept through Xanadu Town and Azov Weyr, leaving the town underpopulated for the first time in years and the Weyr down an entire Flight. The wings have been rearranged to cover empty spots, businesses suddenly have job openings, and everyone is slowly adjusting to the new state of things. It's a wonderful time to join us! While we do have insta-weyrlings available to adopt, we'd also really love to build up our population of folks over impression age (26+). The Pern MU* genre has been around for a while and most of us players are on the high side of twenty RL - and you've got to admit there are some big advantages to maturity. (Attn: other wizards - please fill in some - not having much luck thinking of any. Remove this before posting!) Why not come create a character with a bit of wisdom and show these young pups what it's all about?

Join us at 1234 or log in over the web at - Second Pass MUSH has a relaxed and friendly OOC atmosphere, great RP, and room for you!
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