Schmitt (schmitt) wrote,

Second Pass Coming Up

Thread is coming! To prepare, the wings have been flying in full Flight simulation drills; in the latest of these, a tragic accident saw blue Rauth betweening after a bad accident, leaving Julian, formerly J'li, a riderless casualty. Dive right in by reading the log: . OOC, the scene was a test of the Second Pass Threadfall Injury Code: with multiple consent levels and the chance to spend XP to influence the overall Weyr performance as well as your own, there's never been a more exciting time to play the rider of a fighting dragon.

With the Second Pass now just months away, Azov Weyr's five queens seem to be on overtime as one by one, they rise and add new weyrlings. Cecily's Tachryleith was just the latest, caught by Th'deus's bronze Leviath. Yes, that's right - another PC clutch has been started up by the players of Second Pass and is expected to hatch around the second November weekend. Nothing better than our low drama, plot-intensive Search and Weyrlinghood cycle!

The First Threadfall of the Second Pass will be an all-Weyr battle over the skies of Landing, on the afternoon of December 1st. We look forward to fighting it with you!

Join us at 1234 or use our web client at
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