Schmitt (schmitt) wrote,

Second Pass MUSH

Xanadu Town, while not exactly idyllic, has until now been a shining example of how riders and non-riders can live together peaceably. But the youngest goldrider's inability to control her dragon as she led her flight to blood from sick, College-owned lab wherries was the last straw for the town residents - and a convenient excuse for Weyrleader K'den, still seething over Xanadu Wing's lousy performance in drills and the Spring Games, as well as the scandalous arrest of a Xanadu bronzerider for jewel-theft. He split the wing, assigned them to new wingleaders and ordered all the Xanadu-based riders to move to the Weyr by the end of the month.

Dragonriders who'd split their time between careers and riding, dragonriders who'd been studying at the College, dragonriders married to townfolk - lots of unhappy riders have to pack up and move, life and livelihoods left behind.

Search is open for the clutch to hatch in early June, with bronzerider bids due by the 15th of May. This clutch is likely to graduate into Threadfall - we are particularly looking for future casualties. As we are running a temporary storyline set at the Weyr, we also welcome weyrfolk and instariders who want to make the transition to town life when we return.

With our shiny new website, it's easier than ever to catch up on the storylines and plots of Second Pass! Join us for our low fuss, no drama Search Cycle and Weyrlinghood done right. Check us out at, or log in at port:1234
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