Schmitt (schmitt) wrote,

Second Pass MUSH!

With two years before the Second Pass is due, it's hard to miss the upheavals as Pern prepares to face Thread. In a startling amendment to the Charter, Weyrs and dragonriders are now banned from land ownership. Has the change freed them to focus on their duty, or robbed them of their rights and property? As resistance continues, only the dragons seem unperturbed.

At Second Pass, we aim to keep the drama strictly IC. Our three-wizard team works behind the scenes to bring you well-planned plot arcs with plenty of hooks for your characters. Just as important, we regularly schedule events and bring our best tricks to keep things interesting.

We're a mature game with amazing players and a relaxed attitude. We aren't fussed about whether you play often, whether you disappear for a while and then come back, or whether you play the same character for a long time or a succession of short-term characters. The important thing is that you play! Join us at 1234 or check out our info at
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