Schmitt (schmitt) wrote,

Second Pass! Still going strong

Year 255 After Landing has barely begun and things are falling apart: minor crime like theft is on the rise. Plastic Threadfall material is all but unaffordable and the early slaughter of the evacuees' herds have priced fresh red meat out of the hands of most and raised fears about famine during the Pass. The refugees are still largely jobless and though new housing seems to have kept them pacified over the summer, the third and final wave is expected in months to add to their number.

And on the 21st of the Third Month, greenrider Asha of Maori Weyr was found murdered in the streets.

Character Concepts:

Kingston: second son of a minor holder, a schemer and a blowhard who holds a seat on the Lord Holder's Council for his brother. He seeks to oppose the evacuation plan which is steaming towards its conclusion. Kingston is a Feature character.

A plastician: A Journeyman or Master-level plastician with a problem. This one comes with a built in plot. Page a wizard.

We have a number of weyrlings from the hatching which can be picked up to join our weyrling class.

If none of those appeals, we always have room for riders, crafters, students and other townsfolk, and there's a roster of adoptable NPCs. Come and join us at 1234 or see our journal at
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