Schmitt (schmitt) wrote,

Second Pass: Ad time again!

In Xanadu Town, new buildings are rising, as the town prepares to receive another influx of people displaced from their homes in preparation for the Pass. With Thread less than four years away, dragon clutches are becoming larger and more frequent, and scientists seek ways to replace failing technology with Pern's natural riches. Dissent is rising, too, about the right of dragonriders to hold land, and the role of Pern's central College as the sole source of advanced education.

The wizards of Second Pass MUSH put their heads together and decided to advertise some character types we'd like to see on the grid.

Merchant/Smuggler: Think Humphrey Bogart, or Han Solo. Or River Song. The character runs an above-the-board shop in the bazaar by day, but is known as the person who can get you anything on Pern - for a price. Heart-of-Gold? Or running to their own moral code. You decide.

Computer Technician: A computer technician who is trying to prepare for a change of career before the inevitable end.

Printing Press Operator: taking on the project of a recently deceased Lord, how can this person make the technology useful for Pern?

D'ter: a troubled young protester now trying to shape himself up into the perfect blueriding weyrling. A favorite NPC of the game.

We are looking to run a hatching in late spring. Candidate ideas: students taking part in a biological survey of Pern. A potter's apprentice. Newly-arrived refugees.

If none of those appeals, we always have room for riders, crafters, students and other townsfolk, and there's a roster of adoptable NPCs. Come and join us at 1234 or see our journal at
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