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mush mush!

A small town, by Earth standards, and yet Xanadu Town, swelled to 6500 inhabitants because of emergency resettling before the Pass arrives, is the urban center of our alternate timeline Second Pass Pern. Personal dramas play out against the backdrop of societal change, with petty crime on the rise, but many would argue that the Council's effective disenfranchisement of hundreds of people is the larger crime. That the Pass is coming can hardly be denied, with clutches rising and volcanoes rocking - but will Pern be united and ready to meet it?

Second Pass MUSH focuses on excellent RP and deep intercharacter relationships taking place on a game with an experienced, drama-free staff and a friendly atmosphere. We welcome a range of players, from light once-a-month sceners to heavy everyday plotters, and have room IC for various character concepts including craftspeople, students, teachers, and dragonriders. We'd love to see you there too! Several feature positions are open and if you'd like a break from chargen, we have some roster PCs available for you.

Take a look at current RP logs at or log in to 1234!
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