Schmitt (schmitt) wrote,

That Time of the Month

It's year 253 After Landing. With the Second Pass less than five years away, Pern is reeling from the news that much of the Threadproofing work that has already been done is useless. To make matters worse, Azov's Weyrleader has revealed that the Weyrs cannot protect the amount of land that is currently occupied. Many of those outside the major Stakeholds now face evacuation, while Xanadu Town, the centre of Pern's administration, must absorb over a thousand displaced people. This news challenges trust in the Weyrs, brings into sharp focus the different views about the role of Pern's failing technology, and strikes at the very basis of Pernese society: the right of every citizen to claim and Hold land. As plans to deal with the crisis are set in motion, the protests are just beginning...

Second Pass MUSH is set at the end of the First Interval, and follows an alternate timeline in which the people of Pern stayed in the Southern Continent. Join us in Xanadu Town as its townsfolk, professionals, crafters, students and dragonriders work through changes that will affect everyone. We are a plot-focused game that aims to allow in-depth exploration of characters and of the game's themes. We welcome a wide range of characters, and there's a roster of NPC concepts if you're looking for inspiration.

Find us at 1234 or see our journal at
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