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Second Pass MUSH

So, people who are amazed that I still exist because I never post to LJ -- here's what I've been up to the last few months:

It's Year 253 After Landing. In the years since Mount Garben forced the evacuation of Landing, the Pern colony has prospered. There are settlements across much of the Southern Continent, and life in the major holds is easy - for now. With Thread due to return in five years' time, there are fears that the dragons will be unable to protect so much land, and a massive effort is underway to Threadproof hundreds of dwellings that were built without thought for the future. The first settlers' technology, though carefully preserved, is failing, but secrets still lie in the computer files....

Second Pass MUSH is a new Pern game that explores an alternate history in which the colonists found a new home in the South when the volcano erupted. Our setting is Xanadu Town, administrative capital of Pern and home to the central College - a place where dragonriders live alongside townsfolk, students come from across the continent, and the struggles that come with change are played out.

Second Pass has opportunities for characters of all sorts - dragonriders, students, professionals and crafters, and many other townsfolk. We aim to be a plot-focused game that will allow in-depth exploration of characters and of the game's themes - a world in transition, facing a threat to survival along with the loss of technology and social change.

We're open for chargen and RP now, and our first major plot arc is about to get underway. Come and find us by telnetting to 1234 or see our journal at
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